Here are the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed by healthcare workers at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) in their fight protection against Covid-19:

  1. N95 masks- as sky is the limit
  2. Surgical face masks
  3. Hazmat suits or full body suits or chemical suits
  4. Goggles
  5. DRY AUTOMATED disinfection sprayer for the wards
  6. 100 CCTV cameras for patients rooms so that doctors and nurses would no longer go inside the rooms for vital signs monitoring
  7. Full face respirators with filters
  8. 100 Ventilator machines
  9. 100 Cardiac monitors

NMMC has been declared as a COVID CENTER FOR NORTHERN MINDANAO. Its estimated PPEs consumption is 30,000 (full gear) per month.

A COVID FULL GEAR consists of:
1 N95 mask
1 water resistant full body suit with hood
1 pair of goggles
1 face shield
1 surgical mask
1 full surgical suit long sleeves
1 full body apron
2 pairs nitrile gloves
1 pair shoe cover

For donations, just contact below:

  • For goods/in-kind/cash – Mr. Dominggo Gubalane (0926-451-5465), Mr. Ian Ralph Alajid (0926-527-1621)
  • Food – Ms. Marithel Moreno (0917-708-0322)

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