Remember our post last Monday, March 9, regarding a passenger’s complaint against a Bugo jeepney driver for offloading her because her destination is just in Agusan? The LTFRB-10 has acted on her complaint posted in social media and penalized the jeepney operator with a P5,000 fine and reprimanded the driver for “refusal to convey passenger.”

This after LTFRB-10 Regional Director Aminoden Guro invited both the jeepney operator and the driver to appear at his office Tuesday morning to shed light to the incident. They were accompanied by two members of the Board of Directors of BUKTRAMCO Bugo-Puerto Branch who also brought along the subject jeepney.

Accordingly, the driver denied he offloaded the complainant, Ms. Aida Revelo, and blamed the dispatcher instead. But Dir. Guro said the culpability of the dispatcher rests on the shoulders of the driver, and, ultimately, with the operator’s.

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