Talakag Bukidnon International will soon be having an event in New York to feature and sell “bayong” to support women’s livelihood in Talakag, Bukidnon

Talakag’s “bayong” is made of recycled polypropylene straps from the fields of banana and pineapple plantation. Weavers are formerly traditional and were trained by the Department of Trade and Industry to innovate skills in weaving. In response to the high demand of “bayong” and in response to the zero plastic implementation in the Philippines, Imelda Cuerquiz Borja, a socialite and philanthropist takes this product to the fashion capital of the world Manhattan!

She carries her “bayong” in parties and wherever she goes in the city. She states “I have expensive bags but there is something special about bayong eco bag. It’s eye catching for sure. Carrying this bayong here in New York is my way of promoting and supporting our local products from Bukidnon.”

info and photos courtesy of Imelda Borja

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