Another passenger of AirAsia recounted her ordeal with the said airline on a medical-related issue while checking in at the airport.

In her Facebook post, passenger Donnadelle Mangulat said she just finished a dialysis session and proceeded to the airport where she arrived around noon for a 2:00pm flight to Manila. She was on wheelchair due to her kidney disease and was asked a lot of questions by an airline personnel whom she assumed to be a manager. She answered all of the questions thinking it was protocol. But the manager kept on asking more questions about ‘dialysis’ and ‘fistula’ which really annoyed her especially that she hadn’t eaten lunch yet. After airport nurses took her vital signs like blood pressure, pulse rate and 02 saturation, the said manager still kept on asking her the same questions at the check-in counter. Donnadelle said she doesn’t want to talk to the manager anymore so the airport nurses instead explained to the manager that she is okay. But the manager was still texting someone and told her only their doctor can give her clearance. To cut short, she was finally cleared around 1:30pm. But her ordeal did not end there. After arriving in Manila, she was asked to deplane last because of her wheelchair assistance. But when it was her time to go, there was no wheelchair available and she was even asked by an airline staff if she can use the stairs. She had no choice but to use the stairs to the waiting airport bus. It was a stressful day for her and called on the airline to put their acts together. Read her full post below.

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