Despite numerous warning signs and notices posted along several streets around Cagayan de Oro City, many are still unconcerned or simply nonchalant about City Ordinance 13378-2018 or Integrated Solid Waste Management Ordinance.

Take for example last Sunday, February 23 at Gaston Park which is right across City Hall. Garbage bins are provided at Gaston Park but park goers and even those attending Sunday masses just leave their wastes behind at the park as shown below. This area is near Ginama Pasalubong Center where food stalls are stationed every Sunday. You can observe disposable plastic cups and barbeque sticks scattered. City Hall personnel assigned at the park later collect the garbage and put them in appropriate receptacles.

The city has put up billboards similar to these below.

Unfortunately, the wrong practice or culture is still lording over self-discipline.

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