Finding a parking space in Cagayan de Oro’s Divisoria area is hard…and sometimes, getting out of parking is even harder like what this Kia Picanto has experienced.

As shared by a netizen to us, she parked her vehicle along Tiano Bros. Street right across McDonald’s for a quick snack at the store when she noticed two Foodpanda riders arriving at the scene. When she got back to her car, she was upset that she couldn’t get out due to the manner how the motorcycles were parked. She had to wait for the riders before she can get out. She is urging the food delivery service to re-orient their riders on the correct way of parking to avoid inconvenience of other vehicles.

This is not an isolated case. Vehicles usually create distance between other vehicles so they can have space to maneuver their vehicles out of parking. But unfortunately, many motorcycles instead use this space for their own parking…

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