Passenger Richelle L. Elisan-Gerong who is 11 weeks pregnant lambasted the ground crew of AirAsia after she was offloaded from her Manila-bound flight from Laguindingan Airport last February 21 due to the crew’s misguided “research” on a medical test.

In her lengthy Facebook post which went viral, Gerong stated she was traveling with her 3-year old daughter and had their boarding passes ready for their 6AM flight. However, after a chat with the ground crew, she asked assistance with her hand carried luggage on the plane which eventually led her to tell the crew she is going to Manila for a Lymphocytes Antibody Test (LAT).

Apparently, the ground crew “researched” the medical test and somehow required her to present a medical certificate instead. Despite her repeated explanations that Lymphocytes are normal and that she is not infectious, the crew insisted that it is a medical condition which requires medical certificate to travel. Worse, according to her, the airline supervisor even declared she has “LYMPHOCITIS.” Because of the impasse, she and her daughter missed their 6AM flight as well as her 8AM appointment at the laboratory in Manila. She stated the airline supervisor told her she will be placed on the 2PM flight if she can only present a medical certificate.

Her traumatic experience lasted for at least 9 hours and during that period, despite her being pregnant, she was not even offered water or a proper seat while waiting for the next flight. Gerong said the crew even threatened to call the guards if she continued with her explanation.

She added the supervisor even talked with her doctor over the phone but ignored her doctor’s explanation prompting her to send a medical certificate via Viber stating she is fit to travel and her condition is not infectious. See below.

Read her post below (re-typed from Facebook).

Airasia, FYI, your Laguindingan ground crew illegally offloaded me last Friday, February 21,2020 for my 6am flight! The BOARDING PASSES for me and my daughter were issued already (seats 3a and 3b) but were cunningly taken from me. Yes! in a cunning way kc the ground crew pretended to pick it up from the floor when I dropped it but did not return it to me. It’s a BREACH OF CONTRACT, I later found out! Kaya pala kinuha at ayaw na ibigay!!! 😒

I am 10th-11th week pregnant and you kept ignoring me. You left me sitting there at the belt for nearly an hour and numerous times when I was asking you for an explanation!

I was simply asking you if you could have someone help me carry my handcarry luggage to the overhead bin when I get to the plane. You asked series of questions which led me to saying that I am going to Manila for my Lymphocytes Antibody Test (LAT).

Your ground crew “researched” it and found out daw that they’re T-Cells and Cancer Cells. I asked what about it? Then, she said that I was required to present medical cert bcz of my LYMPHOCYTES. Whhhaaattt? 😒

I explained numerous times that lymphocytes are blood component and the LAT is the name of the test. But you insisted it’s a MEDICAL CONDITION that warrants med cert for flying. I was telling you that Lymphocytes are INSIDE my body and NOT outside that can harm other passengers. The term “Cancer”, “Killing”, “Virus” from what your ground crew has researched might have scared her. YET, you can’t decide without proper medical diagnosis. I told you I am NOT infectious and I am NOT dangerous to other passengers. Having LYMPHOCYTES is NORMAL. YOU DID NOT LISTEN. I felt discriminated because I have lymphocytes! I felt alienated for having a medical condition which does not have any proper medical diagnosis.

What’s worse is that you declared that I have LYMPHOCITIS (no term like this tho). But you assumed that it’s some sort of inflammation. The supervisor said it in the midst of other passengers coming in for their boarding procedures. It was even worse than being a PUI of Corona Virus. I cried when I told you, “How dare you tell me I have” LYMPHOCITIS”, Doctor ka ba?” Bastos ka!” Yet, you are more concerned of my Lymphocytes than my pregnancy!

You told me that you will transfer me to 2pm flight ONLY if I present a med cert for my Lymphocytes. My Doctor in Manila talked to you and explained that it’s NOT a medical condition–much more infectious! You dropped her call and my doctor was compelled to send me a med cert via Viber.

I gave it to you BUT I have been telling you prior to that, that I NEED to be in my 8am appointment at a laboratory in Manila. The lab tests are only run every Friday and that’s the primary reason for the flight and my absence from work. The results are important for my next day’s (Saturday) doctor’s appointment.

YOU STILL IGNORED it! You still placed me in the 2pm flight despite my plea. I cried and was really stressed as how can I possibly get my Lab tests done at 4pm and results before my doctor’s appt. I told you this! YOU NEVER LISTENED.

You threatened me that you will call a guard to take me away if I insist. You threatened me that even my 2pm flight might not be given to me had I insist on my claims that Lymphocytes are normal and not a condition! I asked for the names of the ground crews who interpreted my condition as dangerous, contagious and infectious that I need a med cert to fly BUT you didn’t want it. I asked for a written explanation BUT you said you wouldn’t give. You turned your back on me numerous times. You avoided it numerous times, as well. (Guards can testify; CCTV will definitely show how you treated a pregnant woman like me with carelessness).

I was at the airport from 5am-2pm (9hrs) but you DID NOT offer anything–even a water. I had to incur a lot of expenses bcz I had to stay there longer!

It’s traumatic for me to remember this event and as of this writing, I am trembling and shaking uncontrollably. 😭😭😭

Wala kayong awa sa buntis na may dalang 3 yo na bata!!!! 😭

Pupunta ako ng Manila para magpa doctor, inistress nyo ako ng bongga!

#Justice #Discrimination #BacktoScience #FalseMedicalDiagnosis

With the help of an airport official, Gerong filed a police blotter regarding the incident.

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