Guess what? The soft ube bun with a creamy cheese filling is now available 24 hours at KAREN’S BAKESHOP with five branches in Cagayan de Oro City and one in Valencia City. Just contact 0917-794-2277 or 0936-451-1099 for advance orders.

Karen’s Bakeshop, the 24-hour bakeshop which joined the ube cheese pandesal craze just last week has five branches in Cagayan de Oro: Carmen (in front of Metrobank), inside Carmen Market, Elipe Park (fronting Liceo de Cagayan University), Divisoria (beside Nature’s Pensionne) and inside Market City-Agora (near Jollibee). All except for Agora and Carmen Market branches are open 24 hours. It’s first and only branch in Valencia City is at Hotel Valencia which is also open 24 hours.

Karen’s Bakeshop’s version of the ube cheese pandesal costs Php12.00 per piece and is bigger approximately 3 inches in diameter.

Accordingly, the bakeshop makes their own ube halaya used in the bun so they don’t rely on buying ready-made ube halaya.

With so many bakeshops now producing the ube cheese pandesal, sustaining the quality is very important. The uneven size and amount of cheese filling are the most common observations among netizens. Others say the popular bun is just a craze which would eventually fan out but many also believe in the idiomatic expression “strike while the iron is hot.”

With 4 branches in Cagayan de Oro and Valencia Cities open 24 hours, Karen’s Bakeshop can answer your ube cheese pandesal cravings any time of the day. Again, due to the high demand, you need to order in advance. Just contact 0917-794-2277 or 0936-451-1099 for orders. Also check out its Instagram account HERE.

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