Have you been to the “Barko-Barko House” in Oroquieta City? The landmark house is among the city’s most visited attractions.

Located in Barangay Villaflor, the house was built by Felicisimo Jonson Sr. in 1952. Accordingly, Jonson was inspired to build the ship-like house because of a friend who owns a shipping company. But since he couldn’t afford to have a ship, he built a ship house instead.

The house underwent renovations during the 1980s and presently occasionally changes exterior painting. This one below is the latest.

Here are some previous designs of the house.

Locating the “barko-barko” house in Oroquieta is easy. It’s approximately 4 kilometers from City Hall. It sits right at the road junction at Brgy. Villaflor. Here’s the map.

The house is a favorite tourist spot in the city.

More photos below.

Next time you visit Oroquieta, drop by the barko-barko house.

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