Some drivers just can’t seem to wait and try to squeeze into the open lane moving just “inches” or even “centimeters” from adjacent vehicles.

As shown in this traffic incident along Kauswagan Highway right in front of Savemore Kauswagan. While the traffic signal is at STOP, the driver of this red delivery van tries to move his vehicle forward amid the tight opening which could scratch the taxicab (right).

He was successful at first slowly moving forward as it tries to avoid the taxicab.

Trouble came when the delivery van’s bigger and wider portion’s turn to squeeze into the tight opening.

…and as expected, it scratched the taxi cab and contributes to traffic. Fortunately, traffic personnel were at the junction when the incident happened.

If you don’t know how to estimate the width of your vehicle, just wait for the right and safe opening and avoid squeezing into the tight space.

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