Do you love cats? If so, you should visit POTSICAT CAFE, a new café for cat lovers located along Macapagal Drive in Uptown Cagayan de Oro near Golden Glow North at Pueblo de Oro.

POTSICAT is the perfect place for ailurophiles or lovers of cats. It’s a small café serving coffee, milkteas, ramen and cakes and a playpen where you can enjoy the company of twelve cute, huggable, cuddly and friendly cats.

POTSICAT is named after POTSI, the owner’s son who really loves cats. It is at the ground floor of RPM Building. Here’s the map.

Once inside, you’ll know for sure you’re in a place who fancy cats. Frames mounted on the wall all contain paintings or photos of cats.

Here’s the full menu. By the way, they also serve Civet Coffee for VIPs…

Take time for some ramen, moist cake and milktea too…

Guess what, POTSICAT also serves the trending AICE ice cream, tasty, affordable and cheaper than Selecta.

But the stars of the cafe are the cuddly cats…breeds include Persian, Himalayan, British short hair, Rag Doll, Maine Coon, and Bengal which bought from Urkaine.

By the way, one of the cats just gave birth….and they’re for sale…just contact the owner.

And you can enter the cat’s room and enjoy their company at Php50 for 15 minutes. You’ll need to wear a cat-gown with cap and shoes provided by the cafe.

Just to note, before entering the cat’s lair, be reminded of the rules.

Watch this clip below.

Visit POTSICAT now!

As a throwback, a similar resto opened in Divisoria area a few years ago but Meow Resto has since closed shop. Check out our old post below.

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