If you’re in Uptown Cagayan de Oro and you love seafood, you should check out MARAJAW, a newly-opened seafood restaurant at La Piazza Uptown Park which is right across Corpus Christi Pueblo Campus. Together with Kurom (we posted earlier), they are the first tenants of La Piazza Uptown Park.

Open daily from 11am-2pm and from 5pm-11pm, Marajaw serves fresh seafood like Lapu-Lapu, Pompano, Tuna, Squid, Tiger Lobster (Banacan) and even Curatcha. You can also have it cooked the way you want it. Short orders include Calamares, Kinilaw, Sashimi, Seafood Pancit Guisado, Chopsuey and Buttered Chicken. Guess what, they also accept orders for takeout. Just call/ text 0917-540-4025.

Browse over some photos below courtesy of Paolo Pizarro/Jonathan Pizzaro.

Here’s the place.

Visit Marajaw now.

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