According to Filipinos’ superstitious beliefs, pregnant mothers should stay indoors during an eclipse. With the rare annular solar eclipse taking place starting around noon today, December 26, 2019, many are advising their pregnant friends and relatives not to go out during the duration of the eclipse.

Although no scientific proof has been established connecting pregnancy and eclipse, according to beliefs, the unborn child could develop deformity if the expectant mother goes outside. This belief has been shared and passed on for generations.

It is not just in the Philippines where such superstitions on eclipses exist. It is also widely common in other countries such as in India and Mexico.

But the real danger really is looking at the smallest part of the sun not blocked by the moon. Accordingly, it is very dangerous and can result in retinal damage. So, if the sun reemerges from behind the moon, it is time to look away. SOURCE

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