Despite the overcast skies and the large cloud cover in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, there were snapshots of the rare annular solar eclipse…if you were patient enough to wait.

For just a few seconds or more, the astronomical event was visible when it approached its maximum coverage.

And during times when the maximum eclipse is all covered by the clouds, aerial shots of a village in the city (Bulua) basically showed the low lighted surroundings which was even made ‘darker’ with the overcast skies.

And just as the eclipse ended around 4:00pm, there was temporary radiance from the sun but the cloudy conditions continued towards dusk and evening.

Here’s a photo of the maximum eclipse commented in our page.

Here are more photos taken by netizens and posted/commented in our Facebook page.

You can view more photos commented by netizens in our FB post link below.

Failed to witness the eclipse? The next annular solar eclipse visible in the Philippines will be on February 28, 2063 or 44 years from now.

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