MG, the British brand made famous internationally by its MG sports car is here in Cagayan de Oro.

This iconic motor car of British origin may be new to Cagayan de Oro but it started way back in 1924 and has been a much coveted marque among car enthusiasts the world over.

The brand comes from the name Morris Garages of Oxford, England. In the last century, since at least the 1940s, different models of MG cars have appeared in movies, 19 being the more notable ones with famous actors and personalities from Ryan O’neal in Love story, Jackie Chan, Donald Sutherland, George Harrison in the Beatles Anthology, portrayed in the Battle of Britain.

Fast forward to the present, MG Cars Cagayan de Oro comes at a most opportune time for iconic car enthusiasts here and in neighboring regions. Until quite recently, the MG brand was not at all easy to acquire. It used to be that such brands as MG did not only come with a hefty price tag, it was hardly available to most local buyers.

Now, with more efficient and cost effective processes, MG has switched gears towards readily available MG models at extremely competitive prices, coming out better in many ways against economy class models of other brands in terms of lower cost and a fast expanding nationwide network of service centers.

MG Cars Cagayan de Oro comes from the partnership of MG Philippines’ The Covenant Car Company, Inc. and Magnum Motors Corporation. A full, high-end showroom and service center will be rising very soon at a most convenient location to serve all MG owners in Northern Mindanao.

For inquiries, just contact +63 917-700-6999

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