Police in Maramag, Bukidnon are now looking into possible liabilities of the student for falsely claiming he was kidnapped last November 14 near Panadtalan, Maramag, Bukidnon after results of the investigation revealed he rode a passenger bus to Cagayan de Oro and not forced into a van and kidnapped as earlier reported and shared in social media.

In its investigation, police stated they received information that a kidnapping incident involving a student near Philippine Countryville College Inc. occurred at around 3:43pm on November 14. Later that same day at around 9:30pm, the student was recovered by police in Cagayan de Oro (photo below). The student allegedly told police he was kidnapped by three unidentified persons and forced into a maroon van until he escaped.

photo by COCPO

However, a thorough investigation conducted by police eventually found out there was no kidnapping after a witness divulged detailed information that the student boarded a bus and not a van. There were also cellphone conversations and a receipt of Palawan Kwarta Padala received by the student as bus fare for a meeting. Read police report below.

Watch this video below.

Police are looking into liability of the student for causing public alarm.

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