Congressman Frederick W. Siao of the lone district of Iligan City has filed House Bill No. 1987 which seeks to promote responsible driving and establish fair accountability among drivers not at fault in road safety incidents and other traffic related violations.

In his explanatory note, Rep. Siao said under existing laws, drivers and motorists involved in traffic accidents are presumed at fault even when pedestrians and/or other motorists are at fault or also share fault.

Under his measure, the driver is presumed not culpable or not totally at fault for the incident under investigation when:

  1. The victim is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  2. The victim was not crossing the street at a pedestrian lane or road intersection
  3. The victim crossed a street or highway instead of using a footbridge
  4. The victim is a bike rider not wearing protective gear or wearing dark clothing
  5. The victim is operating a motorcycle, tricycle, or bicycle traveling on a national highway under the minimum speed limit or not on the rightmost lane
  6. The victim is a driver who did not have right of way
  7. The driver did not flee the scene of the incident
  8. The driver was suffering a medical emergency, like a heart attack or stroke, at the time of the accident
  9. The driver of the other vehicle has non-functional headlights, taillights, or other warning devices

See screenshots below.

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This was first posted at Top Gear Philippines.

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