A netizen shared in social media this video of a black Toyota Innova on hazard lights at a basement parking of a mall in Cagayan de Oro. Accordingly, it was left by a lady driver who couldn’t pass through the basement driveway because according to her, it was too tight (or perhaps narrow). Unfortunately, it was blocking other vehicles and it took 20 minutes before the lady finally returned pushing a grocery cart.

Here’s what the disappointed netizen had to say in her post.

“Just want to share what happened yesterday in a mall parking lot here in Cagayan de Oro. When i was about to leave, I saw a black Innova blocking my pickup. I asked the parking attendant about it and he told me a lady left it there when she wasn’t able to pass through ‘cause according to her it was too tight, even though bigger vehicles were able to pass through without any problem. The guards and parking attendant told me the lady was very bastos and even made a scene there blaming them for what happened.After waiting for about 20 mins., this lady appeared looking very relaxed while pushing her grocery cart. When I confronted her, she was very unapologetic and even had the nerve to justify her actions and saying that it was an emergency cause she had to buy food for her relatives who were in the hospital. Then she just left as if nothing happened. Can malls ban people like this in their parking lot?”

Watch the video below.

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