By Angelo Lorenzo

N Hotel unveiled its grand Christmas display at its main lobby on Thursday, November 7, 2019. As an annual tradition, the spectacle is set to provide a sight for the hotel’s guests to witness. This year, the management and staff have integrated the concept of home as the central theme.

This is seen from the cozy living room set to the left of the main entrance. A Christmas tree, decorated with silver balls and golden flowers, stands beside a white sofa where guests can sit and take photos. This spot also consists of two standing lamps, a set of intricate figurines of snowmen and reindeers, another sofa chair, and a brown fur carpet to accentuate the concept.

N Hotel’s lobby is a spectacle for guests to witness. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

But apart from the series of lights and glimmering balls, stars and flowers that traced the wall’s beams and the grand staircase’s balustrade, and the Christmas trees standing on the steps of the stairs, what stands out this year is the set of paintings. One mural displays a wintry landscape on the wall behind the living room, while the other adorned the wall along the staircase, showing houses capped in snow.

N Hotel has been known for such grand display. The recent launching became an intimate family affair that held an ambience consistent with the theme. But during the event, the management announced the hotel’s legacy and initiative for Cagayan de Oro City’s vibrant hospitality industry as it reached its eighth-year milestone.

Infinite accomplishments

“Over the years, N Hotel has made infinite accomplishments,” said N Hotel general manager Ami C. Saniel during the event. She pointed out that there is a reason why the number eight shares the same symbol with infinity.

N Hotel General Manager Ami C. Saniel enumerates the hotel’s accomplishments and
contributions to the city over the years. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“This year we have continued to open our doors to providing economic opportunities for a more inclusive growth,” Saniel shared.

N Hotel, which has been receiving TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award for seven consecutive years, provides employment opportunities for differently abled persons, senior citizens, and the youth through the government’s Jobstart program (which also covers training opportunities for senior high students).

According to Saniel, this is one of the many initiatives that contribute to the hotel’s inclusive growth.

N Hotel management and staff pose with CDO City Mayor Oscar Moreno (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

Another undertaking includes the hotel lending a hand for environmental causes by “taking part in coastal clean-ups and nurturing rural communities through our tree planting activities.”

Partnerships and vision

Present in the launching was CDO City Mayor Oscar Moreno who commended N Hotel.

CDO City Mayor Oscar Moreno commends N Hotel for thriving in the hospitality industry. (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“Hotel business is a very competitive business, and you have shown what you can deliver,” he said. “I would like to congratulate N Hotel for doing very well.”

He also acknowledged the partnership and collaboration between the city government and the private sector as essential in the city’s growth and development.

N Hotel management and owners celebrate the launch of the hotel’s Christmas display with CDO City Mayor Oscar Moreno (Photo courtesy of N Hotel)

“We need partnerships, not just in other agencies of the government but also in everything that we do,” he stated. “This is consistent with our metropolitan agenda and with CDO’s vision.”

With N Hotel reaching eight years in the industry, it looks forward to continuing its legacy with its standards of excellence throughout all seasons.

The Christmas display will last until January 2020.

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