The ‘escape room’ game has finally arrived in Cagayan de Oro. After a short teaser during Xavier Days last year, the unique game has found a home in the city right at Divisoria. If you love puzzles, riddles, finding clues and codes, then you should check out TRAPPED, the first ever ‘escape room’ in the city located at Liu Building along Rizal-Tirso Neri Streets in the Divisoria area.

For those still not familiar with the game, an escape room is a real-life adventure with the main objective of ‘escaping the room’ in a given time as in this case 45 minutes. During that time span, the group will try to solve puzzles, search for clues and break a code found hidden or in plain sight inside the room so they can unlock the exit door and escape.

Trapped has two rooms that groups will have to choose – SAKURA and THE MASTERMIND, each with a unique story line. Players will have a brief orientation before entering the room and will be blindfolded while they are being led inside. Once inside, the main door will be locked and the group will try to complete the game before time runs out. By the way, before entering the room, players need to sign a waiver not to disclose any information about the puzzles and clues, not to use cameras, cellphones or videos while inside the room, among others.

The first room – SAKURA has a difficulty level of 3 out of 5. It requires a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 persons to finish the game. So far, only one group has successfully ‘escaped’ with a time of 44 minutes plus, just a few seconds before they ran out of time.

The 2nd room – THE MASTERMIND has a difficulty level of 4 out of 5 and requires 4 to 8 persons to complete. No group has so far solved The Mastermind.

Playing the escape room requires teamwork and mental toughness and will definitely test your wits.

Both escape rooms are carefully designed to challenge your mind.

If the players (group) still couldn’t ‘escape’ within the specified 45-minute period. They will be notified by the game master and will be escorted out of the room. However, the group has an option for an extension of not more than 5 minutes if they feel they’re close to solving it. All actions by the group are being closely monitored by CCTVs installed. Cellular phones, camera and food are not allowed inside the escape rooms. These items will be deposited in a locked box at the reception.

At the Trapped lobby, the players can have their group photos taken. Photos courtesy of Trapped.

Below are the rates:

Afternoon session (1pm-4pm) – P150/person
Evening session (5pm-10pm) – P200/person

For bookings, you can try to contact TRAPPED at 09757239488 and look for Rica Joy or visit its Facebook page HERE or visit the link below.

For directions, TRAPPED is located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of Liu Building. The small accordion door shown below beside RD Pawnshop is the main entrance.

Go up the stairs to the Trapped reception area.

Trapped is right above MH Lhuillier. The entrance is beside RD Pawnshop. It is currently working its 3rd escape room.

Invite your friends, form a group and accept the challenge. Try if you can escape in 45 minutes.

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