Good news for students. They can now avail of the 20% discount for all domestic flights by virtue of Republic Act No. 11314 or the Student Fare Discount Act. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has just released the guidelines which took effect last November 1, 2019.

Those covered are students enrolled in any elementary, secondary, technical or vocation and higher educational institution. Just present the following in purchasing a plane ticket:

  • school ID
  • validated enrollment form
  • at least one of the following: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, latest school record, naturalization certificate or passport

In cases of promotional fares, the student has to choose between the promo rate and the regular fare less the discount.

Students enrolled in postgraduate and “informal short-term courses” such as dancing, swimming, music, driving lessons and seminar-type course cannot avail of the discount. Read more details in the link below.

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