Protection of the Burias Shoal Marine Sanctuary in Molugan, El Salvador City in Misamis Oriental got the needed boost with tech giant Huawei partnering with Save Philippine Seas (SPS) for a joint environmental advocacy project in protecting the said marine sanctuary.

Based on a news article, the tech firm will share its state-of-the-art ICT solutions in support of Parrotfishnet—an IOT (Internet of Things) powered project monitored by SPS that aims to protect Burias Shoal from threats such as poaching, dynamite, and illegal fishing. To make this work, Huawei will provide sensors, wireless communication, smartphones, and wi-fi equipment resulting to an efficient coordination between buoys at the shoal and the local Bantay Dagat to be alerted of any incoming vessels or any threats.

photo by Tom Udasco

By the way, here’s the location of Burias Shoal.

To know more of the project, watch this clip below.

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