After just three nights, the scare team finally got spooked themselves. The Zone 1 Barra Youth Organization decided to close its trending Horror House after their members started to feel the presence of the “occupants”.

The horror house located at Zone 1, Barra, Opol have had a good 3-night run until last night when creepy things started to occur inside. In fact, they got this photo capturing the said appearance through the window (encircled).

photo by Zone 1 Barra Youth Org

Here’s a zoomed pic.

Based on info shared to us by one of the youth group member, the “occupants” include a young girl, two elderly people and a tomboy…and another lives at the adjacent tree. Perhaps, they were finally ‘disturbed’.

Despite having prior knowledge that the house was haunted, the youth group still pursued the ‘horror house’. But until last night, it was a good 3-night run. Check out our previous posts below.

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