Saan aabot ang 25 pesos mo? Or should we ask “Hanggang kailan ka makakalabas sa loob? Still haven’t been to the ‘horror house’ at Zone 1, Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental yet? Here’s are more info and latest photos.

The house is uninhabited and reportedly now foreclosed (bank). The last owners have left the house for good for about a year already. There’s a large Talisay tree beside it which locals say ‘taw-an‘ or haunted/enchanted. Aside from being constantly flooded during heavy rains, previous occupants often complain about experiencing unexplainable things like hearing a lot of footsteps at night, among others. Just ask the neighbors…

Now, a local youth group has secured permission from the bank to do the ‘horror house’ with proceeds to finance a good cause. And for the past 3 nights, people of all ages have come to visit the house. Although they only start between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, some arrive as early as 5:00pm to get a priority number. They even got visitors from Manila last night. Children below 4 years old and people with heart problems and the like are not allowed for obvious reasons. Last night, more than 80 groups have signed up.

They only admit a group maximum of 5 persons. There’s no time limit but based on the first 2 nights, no group has lasted more than 5 minutes inside so far with a lot of screaming. What makes the ‘horror house’ unique is because it’s also an adventure. The group will be given a map (floor plan) of the house and on the map is the location of the “key”. Groups entering the house should find that “key” which will open the ‘exit door’. If you don’t find it, you’ll be screaming all night…amid the ‘horrors’ inside…so better find that key. Cellphone lights are prohibited and only small flashlights are allowed. By the way, the house has no electricity.

This is where you will enter the house.

And this door is where you will exit.

For only P25 per head, what more can you ask for?

Check out this teaser clip from a vlogger….can you hear the screams in the background?

And by the way, the youth organization managing the horror house experienced this creepy thing last night – allegedly a guy and a girl which is not part of their team was caught in a photo.

photo by Zone 1 Barra Youth Organization

For directions and map of the house, check our previous post below.

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