Eleven-year old YURI ALON is helping his mother’s online business by doing the deliveries ordered by customers. He does this because both of his parents are stroke patients and he delivers the items after class. This was learned by netizen Judith Garde Damasing whose Facebook post on Yuri last July 31 went viral.

In her post (see photo below), Judith was amazed that an 11-year old boy delivered her ordered items all the way from Igpit, Opol to Gaisano City right after his class. She also found out that the young student makes the deliveries after both of his parents became stroke patients. Yuri also cooks breakfast, dinner and acts as caregiver of his mom aside from house chores.

Yuri is also performing well in school. He recently won 1st place in the oratorical contest.

Yuri’s mother also expressed deep gratitude to Judith whom she said became her friend.

Read Judith’s original post below.

Yuri is truly an inspiration to all other kids.

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