StreetBy has released an update featuring a new aesthetic and vibe.

“From the start, StreetBy aimed to be the lifestyle app it is today. As we have expanded our services to more cities, we learned how to serve our users’ needs and meet the ever-rising standards of the industry.”

Introducing the new StreetBy!

New Logo: Simply Sophisticated and Focused

Fronting our new aesthetics is the redesigned logo; inspiring a new experience and a more focused approach on simplicity. With this, we want to emphasize the overall ease of use for our users to enjoy. We aim to provide our every user’s needs and guarantee satisfaction among all the products and services we deliver.

New Look: A Twist of the Familiar

We believe experience starts with the eyes. Evolving to a cleaner look, we redefined the overall typography and layout encouraging consistency and harmony. The tiles are given rounded corners, welcoming you with a feeling of comfort.

The improved Service Categories tiles are featured at the top to help you get started. From Food Delivery to Activities to Personal Care, StreetBy always got your back. Below is the Super Deals section. Here, we keep you updated with the current promotions and events of our merchants and event partners in your area.

Better Experience: For the Super You

We promised you a super app that can cater to your lifestyle and save you from the inconveniences of every day. Learning from our food delivery service, we have strengthened our ever growing offers, such as Parcel Delivery, Laundry Pick-up and Delivery, Errands Request, Ticket Booking Service for Events and Adventures, Hotel/Accommodations Booking, On-demand Professional Services, and more!

StreetBy is committed to be the hero our users need. We are always ready to serve with excellence; provide a fun experience for our customers, and be the competent business solution for our partners and merchants’ need.

StreetBy is the super app for the super you!

Watch this clip below.

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