For several years, Pinutos sa Kanto located in San Miguel, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon continues to serve the best tasting affordable roast beef, a spillover from the popular roast beef being served at Del Monte Golf Club.

From a small eatery, it has expanded to what is now the popular stopover restaurant famed for its roast beef.

It is owned by Roroy Minoza, the brother of Philippine golf legend Frankie Minoza. Roroy used to be a cook at the Club House before he resigned and put up his own restaurant.

Located near the entrance to the Del Monte Golf and Country Club, it is frequented by motorists and highly recommended for tourists.

Here’s a sample of its main menu. Its roast beef still has the same taste with the one served at the Club House but at a much reduced price.

Its high ceiling provide good air circulation and the cool temperature in the area further makes it a perfect respite for travelers.

By the way, Pinutos sa Kanto also has a branch at Dahilayan.

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