There’s a new swimming resort up in Malasag area in Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City. G RESORT AND NATURE PARK offers another good venue for family and group picnics located just within the city.

HOW TO GET THERE: Here’s the map. The landmark is Malasag Elementary School. Once you pass by the said school, the resort is just around the bend some 300 meters along the descending road. Click map for larger view.

Construction started last year and as of today, development is still ongoing but the two pools are already open to the public.

photo by G Resort

RATES: Entrance is P50 and use of cottage is P500. Picnic tables are P100. And you can bring your food for free.

photo by David Bryan Legaspi

Check out some photos of the resort.

photo by Rubin Daryl
photo by Christian Enesio
photo by Christian Enesio
photo by Christian Enesio

By the way, if you want a kawa bath, they have it too….

photo by Kwai Melendez Querol Junior

Check it out.

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