Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann who made Cagayan de Oro his second home has just been tapped by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Department of Tourism to become a tourism ambassador of the country.

In his Facebook post, Kulas met with TPB Chief Operating Officer Ms. Venus Tan and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Arnold Gonzales regarding what he described as “an amazing partnership.”


Kulas quoted Ms. Venus Tan saying: “Kulas. We just want you to… be you. I don’t want you to post about me or my office. I don’t want you to have to say specific things, or do specific things. I just want you to continue doing exactly what you are doing.

Kulas’ BecomingFilipino YouTube Channel has been featuring his amazing journeys throughout the Philippine archipelago and has indirectly promoted the country to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Visit his YouTube channel in the link below.

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