The Regulatory and Complaint Board (RCB) has advised the management of a popular night spot in Cagayan de Oro City which organizes the so-called “CarTambay” to refrain from allowing alcoholic drinks in its scheme as it reportedly violates City Ordinance No. 5133-95 which prohibits the drinking or consumption of alcoholic liquor or beverages in public places.

Started in late June 2019, Car Tambay allows free parking for customers and to simply hangout, do “carshots” and chill the night away at Cagayan Town Center’s (CTC) parking area provided they buy drinks and food at CTC’s tenants. It starts at 10:30pm every night but with strict rules on music and garbage disposal. Basically, it allows “tambay” in the parking area, thus the term.

Since it began operations, Car Tambay has been successful in making CTC’s open parking area a perfect spot for night owls particularly for those who prefer open areas than inside KTV bars and enclosed entertainment venues.

However, last night, August 10, the RCB Inspectorate Team led by Mr. Antonio Resma, Jr. and RCB Chairperson Atty Jose Edgardo Uy, and supported by personnel from the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO) visited the Car Tambay site to enforce the City Ordinance and advised the management of the regulation on the prohibition of alcoholic drinks.

Accordingly, CTC’s parking area although part of a private area is generally open and very accessible to the public. Thus, the same is covered by the said ordinance.

In an advisory, CTC stated Car Tambay will still continue but without liquors. Customers can still purchase food and drinks from its tenants.

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