While Metro Manila mayors were given 60 days by President Rodrigo Duterte to reclaim public streets and sidewalks, Cagayan de Oro City is also conducting the same to aptly reclaim them to be used for its main purpose.

The City’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) have been issuing citation tickets to numerous violators such as parking along sidewalks (obstruction) as shown in these photos along Vamenta Boulevard where motorcycles are parked on the sidewalks.

Here below shown along Corrales Avenue fronting Centrio Ayala Mall.

RTA officers are shown issuing tickets to motorists disregarding the traffic signs such as No Parking around Carmen Market.

They also conducted clearing operations of establishments around Cogon Market using sidewalks to display their products.

This one they removed an unauthorized reserved parking sign near Trendline in Cogon.

This vehicle below blocked the PWD ramp along Don Apolinar Velez Street.

This is in Gusa at Capitol University Medical Center (CUMC).

Sidewalk clearing in Gusa.

Hope they have enough tickets to use…

all photos courtesy of RTA

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