More than a month since his wife was reported missing, former Iligan City Mayor and current Phividec Administrator Franklin Quijano has confirmed that authorities have found out that the dentures of a dead body found floating in Mandulog River last June 29 almost perfectly matched that of his missing wife, Salma Theresa Gerona-Quijano.

In his Facebook account, Quijano stated that they initially did not believe the female dead body was her wife because they did not recognize the rash guard the body was wearing. The body was found 2 days after she was reported missing.

But after a month of futile search, they decided to formally request authorities to have a second look at the dead body. On July 30, a government doctor finally conducted an examination on the body which later showed his wife’s dental record an almost perfect match with that of the dead body. Even then, the family also requested for a DNA test which results they are still awaiting. Read his Facebook post in full below.


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