How much money does a jeepney driver lose to ‘tambay’ extortionists? A netizen is asking police presence particularly in jeepney stops and loading/unloading areas after witnessing and recording an incident at the corner of Rizal and Gaerlan Streets (beside Maternity Hospital) which is just a block away from Cagayan de Oro City Hall.

As shown in the video, the jeepney makes a stop at the corner to pick up passengers and a bystander approaches the driver and demands money. He then threatens the driver by picking a piece of concrete stashed inside a flower box beside the hospital. Sensing some danger, the passengers tell the driver to ignore the man because there are kids inside the jeepney. The clip ends as the jeepney moves on and the man continues to rant at the jeepney.

Watch it below.

This is very common in the city particularly in jeepney stops where ‘barkers’ forcibly ask money from drivers. As per experience, drivers lose between P2 to P10 per stop from these unscrupulous individuals thereby limiting their income. Most often, they just give them or risk their jeepneys from getting damaged. Just a few days ago, a student was mugged by rugby boys at a jeepney stop after refusing to give money. Read our post below.

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