Police have arrested the suspect in the killing of a female gas station cashier who was reported missing for several days which we shared in our Facebook page. Her body was found today stuffed inside a sack at a septic tank beside a shanty in Puntod, Cagayan de Oro City.

The killing was also captured on CCTV which showed the victim identified as Rachelle Manahan being struck from behind while on a bike. The incident occurred at around 10:55pm, July 22, 2019. Watch the footage below (look on the upper right portion of the screen).

Here’s the area where the body was found.

The suspect identified as Daniel Bagobaldo was arrested after a brief chase when he tried to escape while police are investigating the site. He suffered bruises after an angry mob cornered him. Suspect is now detained at Macabalan Police Station. Watch below.

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