Gravity forces surface water to flow downstream. But do you know that there’s a body of water in Manolo Fortich town which mysteriously or perhaps looks flowing upstream?

Cagayan de Oro lawyer James Judith shared his experience after stopping along the Bypass Road near the town proper and looked closely at the said creek or water channel. In his video, he showed how he descended on a roadside following the creek which he said normally should be flowing downstream. Instead, the water flows upward and under the road (a culvert perhaps) and continues to flow further upstream to a higher elevation to his amazement. Could there be a pump further upstream which draws water to irrigate the vast pineapple plantation nearby? Or could this be some sort of optical illusion? Well, this certainly needs some explanation. Perhaps locals in Manolo Fortich can provide some answers. Judith says you need to visit the site to better appreciate it. Watch it below.

By the way, here’s the map. It’s (red circle) near Upper Dicklum Bridge. Click map to enlarge. You can access it through Del Monte Golf Course then turn left at Camp Fabia.

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