Before the VIEW DECK was developed, there was one favorite tourist spot among motorists along Route 955. The so-called OSTRICH TREE located near the boundary of Barangays Luna and Lanise in Claveria, Misamis Oriental has amazed both travelers and locals due to its unique form that resembles an ostrich.

Here’s a guide map for those who would want to have a selfie or photo with the famed ‘ostrich tree.’ As shown, it’s more or less 8 kilometers from Claveria proper just before the View Deck. It will be on the left side along a bend of Route 955 before reaching the View Deck.

You can also see it in Google Street View (screenshot below).

We don’t know the exact tree specie but local residents named it ‘ostrich tree’ owing to its shape. Below are some photos posted by netizens in social media.

photo by Ron Allan Chua
photo by Mar Co
photo by Manlaag Ta Bai
photo by Theloninkyle Mallari
photo by Jeanalyn Egama Blog
photo by Edorn Betita
photo by Arellano Janopol Galdo III
photo by AlFord Yandong II

Do you know what tree this is? Perhaps next time if you’re traveling along Route 955, drop by the ‘ostrich tree.’

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