A large megamouth shark was caught in a fishnet off the coast of Baloy in Cagayan de Oro City early Friday, July 5, but was eventually killed by fishermen after dangerously dragging the fishing boat towards the open sea.

In an interview over at a local radio station, the fisherman said the shark believed to be more than 300 kgs got stuck in his net after feeding on small fishes caught in the net. Accordingly, the net got stuck in the shark’s wide mouth causing it to drag the motorized banca towards the sea endangering the fisherman. This prompted him to hit the shark with his spear. He then dragged the shark with his boat towards the shore where it died later. A representative of the City Agriculture Office was already onsite during the interview who said they were waiting for representatives of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to arrive and decide on the matter. About 10 people had to carry the shark offshore which was then chopped into three large pieces. Check photos below by TV Patrol North Mindanao.

Here’s a video clip.

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