Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno has released a statement regarding his son’s arrest in Angeles City on drug charges.

Read it below (courtesy of Mindanao Daily News).

I have recently been informed that my eldest son, Sean (43 yrs old), has been arrested in Angeles City, allegedly in connection with possession and/or selling of ecstacy. Reportedly, Sean was arrested together with 7 other individuals. As a father, my first reaction was to ensure his safety while in detention, and to provide legal support. Even if he has gone astray, Sean is still my son, whom I took very special care since his birth. I deeply regret the situation that Sean is in now. I will endlessly continue to struggle thinking about what led him to this. This is a very difficult time that Sean and the family are going through. But we have dealt with this, and we pray that Sean will still have a bright tomorrow. Thus, in spite of the pains and hurts, I remain undettered in believing that God will show Sean the way. And we will unqualifiedly support him.

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