A seafood restaurant in Cagayan de Oro City is now a subject of investigation by local health officials for food poisoning after several of its customers fell ill and admitted to various hospitals suffering from stomach pains, vomiting and loose bowel movement over the weekend and the past few days.

BORJ TUNA ATBP located along MH del Pilar Streets near Fatima Chapel opened in January this year and serves a variety of Filipino dishes mostly seafood with its eat-all-you-can for P199 which many customers avail. City Health officials said they haven’t received an official complaint yet but still conducted an investigation after learning of the incident from social media. Read details in RMN News article below.

Food poisoning is usually caused by improper food preparation, handling and sanitation. And accordingly, seafood is more perishable then many food items, and the consumer must pay a little more attention to its careful handling. Check out more info at www.seafoodhalthfacts.org.

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