Have you heard about the latest sex scandal rumored to be inside a movie house in the city circulating in social media? This might have prompted the City Regulatory and Complaint Board (RCB) from conducting inspection on movie houses to check on their compliance on regulations such as CCTV INSTALLATION and implementation of ANTI- PORNOGRAPHY policies by the business establishment, as required by City Ordinance No. 13223-2017, otherwise known as the ANTI- PORNOGRAPHY ORDINANCE OF 2017.

Shown below are the RCB team (photos by CDO Regulatory and Complaint Board) inspecting two popular movie houses in the downtown area: Hello Robin’s (Tirso Neri St.) and Movie Dream (Hayes St.)

Other movie houses in the city include Koze Movie Cafe (Grand Central and Corrales Ext.) and Mofiefy (Tomas Saco St.)

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