The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has named five (5) vinegar brands currently being sold in the market which contain synthetic acetic acid. The FDA however, clarified that the presence of synthetic acetic acid is not a safety issue and does not pose any health risk to consumers as this only means that the vinegar is of substandard quality.

The five (5) brands are Rustan’s Supermarket’s Surebuy Cane Vinegar, three vinegar brands by Tentay Food Sauces Inc. and Chef’s Flavor Vinegar.

  • Surebuy Cane Vinegar (Best Before Date: 26 03 21)
  • Tentay Pinoy Style Vinegar (Best Before Date: 03 18 21)
  • Tentay Premium Vinegar (Batch/Lot No. TV SEP0718AC)
  • Tentay Vinegar ‘Sukang Tunay Asim’ (Expiry Date 06 06 20)
  • Chef’s Flavor Vinegar (Expiry Date 01APR21)

The FDA conducted laboratory tests on 39 samples of vinegar from various sources. Read the FDA advisory below.

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