Have you tried 3M’s SHAWARMA yet? It’s that food stall selling chicken shawarma along JR Borja Street near Cogon Market in Cagayan de Oro City that has been drawing customers lately. Why? Aside from chicken (most shawarma in CDO are using beef), the one making it is Turkish so it must be authentic and finally, it only costs P49.

As shown below, customers patiently wait for their orders to be prepared. You can see he uses gloves and wears a uniform. Because street vendors are not allowed during rush hours, you can catch him every night around 6:00pm to 7:00pm and until the shawarma runs out.

The shawarma is then garnished with chopped or sliced potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and onion served with classic shawarma sauce and cheese.

3M’s Shawarma actually first opened in February near Cugman market where they have a space for customers to dine in. Opening in Cogon is quite a wise move as they can get more customers.

Watch this video below courtesy of Kagay-an Festival

Try it!

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