Filipino working parents have reached the point where they are desperate in finding means to provide a secure and a healthy environment for their children when they are not around. These days, with the scarce of househelps or babysitters, parents will always resort to what is best for their dearest children: daycare centers – this is where Lulu Grace Child Care Center sets in.

Situated in a peaceful area along Eagle Street in Kauswagan, Lulu Grace Child Care Center is a dream project of a pediatrician. She is passionate about the welfare of children, hence her profession and setting up a daycare along with her partners. The center offers 3 services: drop-in, daycare and tutorial for a minimal rate. In addition, the center also has a pediatric clinic with in-house nurse and pediatrician all set to help just in case there are emergencies.

Conducive for learning and playing, the artwork painted on the walls of the rooms are done by the owner herself. Fun, colorful, whimsical –it will surely catch any child’s attention. The center also has a wide playground for children to roam and interact with other children.

As for their tutorial service, they offer an after-school one-on-one learning assistance for children. The center has an individualized, holistic and innovative approach using methods that adhere to the natural process of learning. Such methods enable children to not only master the subject but enjoy while learning as well.

The center takes pride in the principle that learning through the child’s own pace will promote focus, discipline and dedication in a task which are essential for success in life if learned early in childhood years.

So, if you’re a parent who needs to run some errands, busy with a meeting, your “yaya” bid goodbye, or simply if you’re looking for tutor, head to Lulu Grace Child Care Center or through their Facebook page to inquire. Better yet, visit their school as they will be having an Open House on May 16, 17, 18 from 8:00am – 12:00noon.

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