For majority of the voting public, looking for your voting precinct is a perennial problem during election day. Avoid the delay by searching it online as shown in this brief and simple guide.

Follow the simple steps below.

1. Go to the PRECINCT FINDER website at

NOTE: It takes time for the website to load. Refresh the page when necessary.

2. Enter the fields as required: FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME.

3. Select the PROVINCE and CITY/MUNICIPALITY and CLICK the “I’m not a robot” BOX. Then CLICK the “SEARCH” button.

4. Alas, you’ll have your PRECINCT NUMBER and your VOTING CENTER. Write down the PRECINCT NUMBER or simply screenshot the display with your mobile phone when you vote on Monday.

On May 13, just inquire with Comelec personnel stationed near the voting center for the exact location of the VOTING PRECINCT.

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