Sustainable lifestyle for two years is a milestone for Echostore Cagayan de Oro, a store with a restaurant and retail section for natural, organic and eco-friendly products made from the locality.

Located at the corner of President Aguinaldo and Domingo Velez Streets, Echostore CDO has been actively promoting the concept of Echostore, an advocacy established in 2008 by three women entrepreneurs – Regina “Reena” Francisco, Pacita “Chit” Juan and Jeannie Javelosa who call themselves ECHOtrio who wanted to provide a market place for small producers and marginalized communities. The CDO store is the 8th Echostore in the country.

Kagayanons love to eat new places and Echostore’s echocafe is just the perfect spot for the health conscious with its delicious natural and organic set of dish. By the way, diners can avail of the 5% anniversary discount up to May 11, Saturday.

Here’s a closer look of the menu. They have breakfast meals, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, salads, shakes, juices and other refreshments. Have you tried the vegan chocolate cake?

Its dining area provides a good ambiance for a meal, coffee break and even a quick bite with your friends and family.

For its 2nd anniversary, diners will get a FREE binignit. Hurry, it’s only until tomorrow, May 11.

If you need something, just ring the bell.

Have you tasted black rice? Wonder why it’s expensive? Accordingly, black rice is richest in powerful, disease-fighting antioxidants, contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and has the ability to help stop the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even weight gain (SOURCE).

Its ice tea is also different. Just add natural honey to sweeten. It also comes with a metal straw.

If you need to buy naturally grown and organic products, there’s echomarket. All are homegrown and locally sourced.

From time to time, if available, you can also buy naturally grown sweet mangoes.

There’s no wifi so you can enjoy your meal and conversation.

By the way, it also has a small function good for 12-15pax at P2,500 consumable for 4 hours.

If you haven’t visited Echostore yet, this is the perfect time. For inquiries, you can contact 0917-718-8014 or visit its Facebook page HERE.

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