Binahon Agroforestry Farm (BAFF) located at the foot of Mt. Dulang-dulang in the Kitanglad Mountain Range is one prime example of a successful farm development which has ventured into farm tourism.

The 8-hectare farm is owned by Henry and Perla Binahon and has been recognized as a model application of conservation farming, climate resilient agriculture and food production sufficiency.

BAFF is specifically located in Sitio Bol-ogan in Barangay Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon. It’s along the lower slopes of Mt. Dulang-dulang, the Philippines second highest peak next only to Mt. Apo. From Aglayan Junction, it is more or less 31 kilometers via the Talakag-Lantapan-Aglayan Road. Here’s the map.

Here’s the map zooming in on Barangay Songco and BAFF. From the main road, you can see a large signage of BAFF. The 600-meter access road leads to the farm.

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Here’s the signage along the Talakag-Lantapan-Aglayan Road.

In cold periods, the area is covered with fog.

But during the summer, you can appreciate the scenery.

BAFF also offers farm tours, training and seminars for sustainable farming techniques. All meals are sourced from the farm’s products.

And they have accommodation facilities for those who want to stay overnight and experience what’s its like spending the cold nights in the uplands…and you don’t need air-condition.

You also get to learn some simple fruit processing like carrot juice making.

By the way, see the rates below.

More photos below.

Here’s a video by Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann during his visit in 2017.

Perhaps BAFF could be in your bucket list…

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