If you live or work somewhere near Divisoria in downtown Cagayan de Oro City, you may have seen this sculpture of a female figure on the exterior of a 2-storey building near the corner of Fernandez and Pabayo Streets.

You can see the sculpture from the street. Many motorists and passersby often ignore this artwork. But do you know this was made by an award-winning Kagay-anon visual artist?

According to Dire Husi founder and know local artist Rhyan Casino, the sculpture was made by artist Jericho Valjusto Vamenta.

According to SAATCHI ART, he is a master in the sgraffito technique. Last 2012, he won the Grand Prize in the Philippine Art Awards. Read our old post below.

Sources state the sculpture was made sometime in 2010 (not sure) when a bar was established at the site. The bar did not last long but the artwork remained up to this day. Here’s a closer look.

The sculpture is still rough but has the details of an expert sculptor.

So, have you seen this one?

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