M/V Lite Ferry 18, Lite Shipping’s largest and fastest ship will soon be serving the Cagayan de Oro – Jagna route and vice-versa this coming April 2019 as the shipping firm expects an increase in travelers to Bohol during the summer break. The final date of the start of its daily trips will be announced anytime soon.

Lite Ferries currently serves the CDO-Jagna route just once daily with either M/V Lite Ferry 11 or M/V Lite Ferry 10 leaving Cagayan de Oro at 10:00pm. M/V Lite Ferry 18 is expected to take the 10:00pm slot while either M/V Lite Ferry 10 or 11 will have the new schedule leaving for Jagna, Bohol at 10:00am making two trips for travelers daily.

Meanwhile, the newly launched M/V Lite Ferry 19, the twin sister ship of Lite Ferry 18 has been tapped for the Cebu-CDO route as revealed in its website. It can be recalled that M/V Lite Ferry 18 was officially launched last November 17, 2018 to serve the Cebu-Cagayan de Oro route.

Check out some recent photos of M/V Lite Ferry 18.

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