Talisayan, Misamis Oriental is a favorite stopover among travelers and motorists owing to its seaside restaurants serving fresh seafood. But with the opening of DOY’S ISDA SA BATO SU-TU-KIL KAN-ANAN located along JR Borja Extension in Cagayan de Oro City, you need not go to the coastal town to try the fresh catch of the day.

Here’s the exact location of Doy’s Isda sa Bato. If you’re coming from Cogon, it’s just before the Eastbound Terminal Junction right after the curve.

Just like in Talisayan, the first thing to do upon arriving at Doy’s is to select from among several boxes containing fresh catch delivered daily from Talisayan. And they have several such as bagis, kitong, badlat, lepti, mayamaya, lapu-lapu, ahaan, pantaan, molmol, katambak, kitong, mamsa, trakito, indangan, sari, and many more including tanguige, liplipan, malasugue, and barilis depending on the season. Prices differ but the usual is P70 per 100 grams.

Once you have selected the fish or a combination of several fishes, choose how you want them to be cooked. Of course, the most popular is the favorite Sugba, Tuwa, Kilaw or Su-tu-kil.

You’ll be given a number and wait at your table.

They cook and serve fast…allocate some 10-15 minutes depending on the dish.

They also serve squid, shell and the rare baboy sulop (wild boar).

The place has 10 tables arranged along the perimeter. They can put more tables at the center during dinner.

They can accommodate parking for 6 or 7 vehicles at a time but you can also park along the road.

Just look for the sailboard…

And Doy’s has been getting good reviews so far…with many customers coming back since they opened early February.

Doy’s Isda sa Bato Su-tu-kil Kan-anan is open daily from 10:00AM to 10:00PM. Check it out…

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