For so many years, the famed “banga” or earthen jar located along the old Sayre Highway in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon has been a famous landmark among travelers.

But with the opening of the new Sayre Highway leading to Atugan Bridge, only locals and longtime travelers knew of this spot which boasts of flowing freshwater, a refreshing ‘drinking fountain’ of sort. It is also officially named Atugan Drinking Fountain. The spot is more or less 3.5 kilometers from the Municipal Hall of Impasug-ong. View the map below.


The spot remains a landmark and is being maintained by the DPWH (from Google Street View).


You can read the marking “AUG. 1939” which perhaps indicates the month and year it was built. So in August this year, it will now be 80 years old.

photo by Heinz Villanueva
photo by Nova Gevero

There are many rumors regarding the banga but locals say the earthen jar you see now is just a replica of the original banga which was reportedly stolen by treasure hunters. Some say the Japanese buried treasures nearby during the war. Here’s an old photo below.

Actually, the flowing water comes from nearby springs which is also the source of water of a swimming resort (Atugan Swimming Pool) nearby.

photo by June delos Reyes

As less motorists take this route nowadays, those who happen to pass by take time to quench their thirsts at the drinking fountain.

photo by Maricel Aliado
photo by Leonora Cepeda-Doble
photo by Rex Pulido
photo by Ahbatzarr Tabay

So whenever you pass by the old Sayre Highway, make a stop at the ‘banga‘.

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